What We Do
The mission of Silton Solutions is to provide high quality products for our customers to enjoy...from casual iPhone games, to Windows applications, to website design & development. Whether you are here to enjoy our finished products, or if you want to hire us to develop custom software or games, we are here for you!
Our Products
Aftershock takes one of Facebook's most popular casual games, "ChainRxn", and turns it into an exciting iPhone game, complete with online leaderboards and six unique game modes to keep you entertained for hours!
Silly Stories is a MadLibs-style iPhone application where users can fill in the blanks to create very fun and silly stories. Create your own stories on the app website and share them with your friends!
Produce Pal gives you the power to know how to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables while at the grocery store. Never again will you come home with unripe or bad produce!